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Fill My…Grandma’s?

January 20, 2018

From yesterday: The red light was on. The humidifier needed water. As I was taking care of it, an old song floated through me: “Fill my cup, Lord…I lift it up Lord…come and quench this thirsting of my soul.” 

Mrs. McCellan was my second grade teacher at Irving Grade School and then my third grade teacher in Sunday School. One of the first things she had us learn was The 23rd Psalm in the King James Version, which included the phrase “my cup runneth over.”

I would laugh every time we got to that line.  The image — my grandmother sitting at the kitchen table pouring coffee into her white flowery cup while it ran over into the matching saucer and then sloshed onto the tablecloth which soaked it up for a little bit before the dark red linoleum floor started to get noisy as her overflowing coffee hit it while she just kept on talking — hilarious to third grade me!

Time went by.

“My cup runneth over” became an underlying theme of my life as opportunities and more presented themselves. At the risk of sounding hokey, blessings abounded. Many of them I took for granted or even missed at the time, only becoming aware of their significance later.

How about you?

In spite of our less than Blimp Worthy moments, and often in the midst of those very experiences, I’m guessing “my cup runneth over” was true for you and me both…because God’s still in business.

Today, let’s appropriate another layer of meaning to the KJV’s “my cup runneth over.”

And let’s be thankful.

It’s still a present tense statement.

It’s still a personal affirmation of faith.

It’s still true.

Join me: “My cup runneth over.”

Yours. Mine. They really do.



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