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Attention Christian Retirees

January 8, 2018

Wish I’d written this. At least I can share it with you —-

“I am a Christian. That said, there has been a lot done in the name of my religion that disturbs me, causes me to wonder if some people who wear the same label have actually read the Bible. The acceptance of the central message of my belief is not that hard to understand, but difficult to live day after day.

“I will assume that some of those who follow a different faith, be it Jewish, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, whatever, have some of the same feelings: that the core of their belief system has been hijacked, politicized, or in some way perverted from how it began. I guess an atheist would also struggle with core beliefs and how the world is functioning, even without belief in a god.

“This is not a post about religion, or its power to do good and evil. But, I had to set the stage for what my main point is: the time of life we are so privileged to enjoy should come with a moral or ethical obligation to make the lives of those not so lucky just a little bit better.

“As I look at my 2018 budget and worry whether the money set aside for vacations, or Netflix, or dinners out will be enough, I ask myself about my priorities. If I believe what I profess to believe then I have three simple marching orders:

1) Feed the hungry
2) Protect the weak
3) Welcome the stranger

“There is nothing in there about vacations, re-doing the bathroom, buying a new car, or even refreshing my wardrobe for spring. Nothing. They don’t make the list. Yet, I live as if they were actually somewhere in the top 10.

“I am asking you to consider a simple question: as a retiree should we have an outsized sense of responsibility for engaging in the world’s problems? Should we be using our gifts of time and freedom to do more than just make our own lives satisfying?”

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  1. Naomi Roberts permalink

    Great question. But here is another question. Aren’t we to be God’s humble servants until we die? If so, aren’t we to feed the hungry, clothe the poor and take care of the widows and orphans? Isn’t that pure and faultless religion?


  2. Sure seems that way, Naomi, for sure. Great hearing from you, thank you!


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