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Let’s Learn This Lesson From “This Little Boy”

December 4, 2017

Amber Huff Moss was a child when I was her pastor. Now a married mom, she graciously gave me permission to share all this with you. She has two 4 1/2 year old sons who “have a diagnosis of Propionic Acidemia and are developmentally delayed as well as non-verbal.” She and John are great parents, and with that I’ll get out the way —

Often when we are out and about the boys will say “hi” to people and they will either return the greeting or carry on without notice. This never detours the boys from trying to get the next person to say “hi” back. Sometimes it breaks my heart when people don’t respond, but that’s reality and I just have to hold back my mama bear instinct and move on telling myself if it doesn’t bother the boys then it shouldn’t bother me either.

Last year Sebastian started a friendship with a little boy in his class. From what I was told it was a mutual friendship, one that just sparked on its own. When this little boy would see Sebastian at school events he would always come up and say “hi” to Sebastian and sometimes Sebastian would say “hi” back but often he would go on as if the little boy had never said anything to him. The little boy was a year older than Sebastian so this year they were at different schools.

Tonight though while we were out getting in the Christmas spirit we ran into this little boy and his family. Sebastian was so happy to see his friend. He actually went up with open arms and wrapped his friend in a hug. This may seem like no big deal, but I have never seen him go up and actually put his arms around someone and initiate a hug. Sebastian was smiling from ear to ear and even took the little boy’s hand and wanted to walk with him.

The best part of this friendship is that it wasn’t forced, the little boy’s mom never told her son he needed to be nice to Sebastian or to say “hi” it was just natural to this little boy to be kind to my son. It is a memory that will forever be etched in my mind and heart.

—Yesterday in worship we sang the Advent song, I Want to Walk as a Child of The Light…I want to walk as a child like this little boy who’s befriended Sebastian, don’t you?

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