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My Life Must Be

November 28, 2017

Was having breakfast with an almost-life-long-friend from a different tradition, now active in a United Methodist Church.

We were talking about Holy Communion.

My friend mentioned that college was the first time he’d shared in that Sacrament, and that it was one of the most moving and memorable moments of his life.

His church background had taught him that every meal was what Christ Jesus meant when he said, “Every time you do this, do this in remembrance of me.” Consequently, there was no Holy Communion service, no corresponding liturgy.

He turned me on to a song that expresses that position well, and it’s my joy to share it with you —

My life must be Christ’s broken bread,
My love his outpoured wine,
A cup o’erfilled, a table spread
Beneath his name and sign.
That other souls, refreshed and fed,
May share his life through mine.

Lord, let me share that grace of thine
Wherewith thou didst sustain
The burden of the fruitful vine,
The gift of buried grain.
Who dies with thee, O Word divine,
Shall rise and live again.

 — Albert Orsborn (1886-1967)

— Let the record show that my friend now shares in the Sacrament of Holy Communion regularly with his local United Methodist congregation.

Moreover, let the record show that you and I could do a lot worse than living into this hymn!

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