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Prayer is.., part 2 of 2.

November 17, 2017

Quick Review: my pastor, Rev. Harvey Gaither, said in his sermon this past Sunday that “Prayer is action.” This came in the context of yet another tragedy, in this case a Texas church shooting the previous Sunday that left many dead and many more wounded. Some Christians say they’re tired of praying and want to see the Church spring into action.

Okay…whaddya think?

Seems to me that Harvey’s right, and is in line with the best of our various Christian traditions and denominations: “Prayer is action.”

I’ll bet you noticed that he did not say that prayer is the only thing we’re called to do.

If you read what have been called “the red letter parts” of the New Testament, just the things that Christ Jesus said, we have a clear call to both pray and to make a difference.

I’m with Harvey: “Prayer is action.”

Especially when we listen.

And when, if possible, we then take follow-up prayerful action.

It’s kinda like that classic line, “Don’t pray for God to guide your path if you’re not willing to move your feet.”




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