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“Dear Moms I’ve Ever Judged Even Without You Knowing”

October 24, 2017

Katie Stump Holt is someone Patty and I have known since she was a youth and a leader in a wide variety of ministry settings. We both greatly respect admire her, and not just because she’s a student at Washington University Occupational Therapy Program, where Patty’s taught Physical Therapy. Here’s one example of why we’re in Katie’s corner, and it’s with her gracious permission that I share this with you today — 

Dear moms I’ve ever judged even without you knowing,

I’m so so sorry. I used to thought I knew the best way to parent…then I had kids and realized I was completely clueless.

Then I was a stay-at-home mom and judged you as you bought granola bars and packaged food and canned goods and things I swore I would always make from scratch even if I was working and busy because that would be a priority for me.

Then I became a full-time student and I again realized I had it all wrong.

Other moms, you are my heroes.

You’ve chosen time with your children over slaving in the kitchen.

You’ve opted for prepackaged granola bars to make your life a bit easier when you’re making lunches at 9pm because you literally have no other time to do it.

You’ve made time with your kids a priority, and really when it comes down to it? They need that so much more.

So other mommas, press on. I’ve joined you on this road of doing our best where we are with what we can and I’m prioritizing my kids over homemade granola bars now too. Because every fleeting moment with our little treasures from heaven is worth it.

So now? No judging. Only kindness, only love, only support.

We can do this. 


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