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Dead Batteries

October 10, 2017

“Why would she put these dead batteries back in here?!”

Patty was on a business trip. I was at home with Martin the Puppy Who Lets Us Live With Him.

Trying to get my iPhone and my Apple Magic Keyboard to connect.

But I couldn’t even get the Keyboard to turn on.

Knowing it was a problem with the batteries, I took the old ones out and went to get a fresh set of AA batteries from the clear plastic container Patty had labeled Batteries. There were several still in a blister pack and some rolling around in there. The loose ones were a weird color, obviously some off brand…I’d probably gotten a great deal on them way back when.

Installed two of them, switched on the Keyboard. Nothing. No green light. Not even a flicker.

Got up, back to the clear plastic container. Dumped the dead ones in the recycle collection on my way over.

Two more.

Same thing. Several times.

Thoroughly disgusted and asking Martin about the wisdom of someone who’d put dead batteries back with new ones, I showed him one. As he sniffed at it (hey, he’s smart, but not yet a very good reader), I finally noticed its label: “Rechargeable.”



And other short words.

If Martin could laugh, he would have.

What I was erroneously doing with that not-dead-just-needing-to-be-recharged battery was what I’ve also done to myself. Surely you haven’t…but maybe you know someone who has.

We keep going and going and going (thank you, Energizer Bunny) until we’re depleted.

Then we give up.

What we really need right then is what our old friend St. Paul puts this way: “Be transformed by the renewing….” (Romans 12:2)

It’s not time yet for us to be recycled.

It’s time for renewal.

For a recharge.

We used to call that revival.

Join me in praying about this, and then let’s do those things that are renewing and recharging and reviving.

Who’s in?






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  1. Michael permalink

    Perfect for today. When I finish typing this I’m going to take a nap. Then find something not good for me to eat while reading a meaning less novel! That’s how I recharge. You?


  2. Your prescription sounds great, Sir.


  3. Martin Johnson permalink

    Recharging is always good.
    Sometimes not recharging may lead to illness
    Or being overwhelmed.
    I thank my Heavenly Father for The 7th day
    The day of rest.


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