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That’s My Grandma

October 9, 2017

A good and honest life is a blessed memorial.  

— Proverbs 10:7

In a funeral I heard a grandson speak lovingly of his Grandma.

He recalled a wide variety of times and experiences with her. He had us laughing at some stories, sniffing and wiping a tear at others.

Told us how difficult it had been to go see her in recent months, recounted her illness and how her personality had changed until she was largely already gone.

Then he paused.

Looked down at his notes on the lectern.

Looked up at us.

Cleared his throat.

Then this came out in one long, quick burst: “Ya know what? I didn’t like going to see her lately. Let’s be honest: that wasn’t her lying there. Not the Grandma I know. Knew. The one I’ve been telling you about. The Grandma I’m going to remember and keep talking about is the one who took care of me and you. The one who laughed with us. The one who taught me stuff I’m still learning. That one. Her. That’s my Grandma.”

How do we want to be remembered?

What are we doing today to deepen those good memories in the lives of those we touch?

Who have you been putting off contacting or going to see? Today’s a good day to take action.



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