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Stop at Two

September 25, 2017

Here’s where we were yesterday —

Pull out your phone and open the Notes and key in that blessing. Or grab a notebook and write down that blessing.

Either way, don’t just think about it.

Start a list with that one blessing.

Just one.

— How’d you do?

Did you say that you can read and write?

That you have access to paper and writing tools? (Check out Alice Walker’s book, The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s beyond chilling.)

That you have the luxury and freedom to even consider such a thing as this?

“It’s hard to be hateful when you’re grateful,” said Chris Hogan.

Today, try this with the rest of us:

1st, go back to yesterday’s one item list in your phone, or turn to the page in that notebook.

For real.  Physically do this.

And then:

2nd, let’s double our number of new entries for today.

Yup, make a note to yourself of two reasons you have to be grateful today.

Just two.

And I’ll tell you a secret: you are one of the two on my list today.


Greatly appreciate you participating like you are!

See you back here tomorrow.


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One Comment
  1. Playing catch-up, after reading the first line of Friday.


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