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The Final Word: So What’s It Mean?

September 15, 2017

The Bible literally ends this way:

The grace
of the Lord Jesus Christ
be with all the holy ones. Amen.
—Revelation 22:21

Quick review: it’s all about grace.

Moving forward: so what’s grace?

I’ve spent more time than I’ll admit trying to write a simple answer beyond something like “grace is a gift.” Let me simply share with you a copied and thorough presentation, succinctly presented —

John Wesley taught that God’s grace is unearned and that we were not to be idle waiting to experience grace but we are to engage in the means of grace.

The means of grace are ways God works invisibly in disciples, hastening, strengthening, and confirming faith so that God’s grace pervades in and through disciples. []

— Questions for self-inventory: is my experience of God’s unearned grace in Christ stuck in idle? Am I still waiting to experience grace? Do I really believe that God works invisibly in me? And can others see that God’s grace pervades in and through me?

Let’s pick up here tomorrow. We skated right past a key phrase in that cited excerpt, with good reason.




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