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The Final Word.

September 14, 2017

The Bible literally ends this way:

The grace

of the Lord Jesus Christ

be with all the holy ones. Amen.

—Revelation 22:21

We’ll come back and unpack this verse a bit later. But for right now, simply consider with me how our Scriptures end: with the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Like an old hymn says, “Grace, grace, God’s grace! Grace that is greater than all our sin.” To admittedly rip a Bible verse way out of context, “Do you believe this?”

I love that question. Jesus asks it in John 11:26.


God’s grace.

Sure seems to be where everything in our Bible winds up.

Again, I ask you: “Do you believe this?”

That is, can you and I trust this to be true?

Is God’s grace really with all God’s people, and does that include us?

Let’s meet back here tomorrow.




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  1. Nina J Morwell permalink

    Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief!


  2. …and, amen.


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