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Carry This, and Be Carried

September 12, 2017

It’s been my honor and pleasure to be in ministry with a bunch (like 6!) of Associate Pastors. Good stuff all the way around.

Most recently Rev. Jessica Baldyga and I served together. Among the many delightful things I learned from her is this Benediction, which she gave me gracious permission to share with you here.

But first, to continue what I’ve been taught about giving proper attribution whenever possible, she said, “I learned it from Rev. Donna Claycomb Sokol, my internship supervisor at Mount Vernon Place UMC in DC, who I believed learned it from the Duke Chapel at Duke Divinity School.”

Okay, enough preamble. Here’s said Benediction; carry it with you today and beyond —

May God go

before you to show you the way,

behind you to encourage you,

below you to lift you up,

above you to watch over you,

and within you,

so that others might always see

the light of Christ’s love

shining forth through you. Amen.


— Amen, right?

See you back here tomorrow.





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One Comment
  1. Karen Oplt permalink

    Right Amen and Amen!


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