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“I Want Some…Ak-Shown”

September 7, 2017

“Tubman is the third Methodist, after Ulysses Grant and William McKinley, to appear on USA currency.  All three were known for simple words, plain manners and tenacious lives of action and duty.” 
[— Mark Tooley, writing at

Phenomenally close friend and colleague Rev. J. T. Vidakovich recently wrote publicly about the Church’s response to Hurricane Harvey’s devastating flooding. He said the time for prayers and posting about prayers on social media was over. He said it’s time for Christians to get busy and make a tangible difference.

He’s right.

He echoes what Mark Tooley wrote about Harriet Tubman,  U. S. Grant, and Wm. McKinley. Tooley said their dedication went beyond words.

In a bygone time called The Disco Era, Atlanta’s own Alicia Bridges sang , “I want some action.” But she pronounced that last word “ak-shown.” Play with that just a bit and you come up with “I want some…acts shown.”

Go any direction you want with that. I hear that coming to the Church from our Lord as a call to action in the face of the perils of life. Especially when we add the rest of Alicia’s line, “I want some action, I wanna live!”

Time to put some push to our prayers.

As a friend from another Christian tradition says, “Don’t ask God to guide your footsteps if you’re not willing to move your feet.”


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