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One Thing We Don’t Say at Funerals

August 26, 2017

Like most pastors, I’ve been to more than my share of funerals.

Sometimes we’re sitting in the crowd, sometimes we’re standing up front.

Sometimes we’re the preacher, sometimes we’re the liturgist and Bible reader.

Sometimes we host a moment when family and friends share memories, and sometimes we’re the embarrassed emcee of what has turned into a roast.

There’s at least one area of life where nobody ever brags about the deceased. Never have I heard a family member or a friend stand up and say something like, “She never took days off and we appreciated that,” or “He never used up all of his vacation time, and we loved him for that.”

I have a confession.

One of my regrets as I glance back from Week Eight of my retirement from full time ministry is that I didn’t take regular days off. I’d go weeks, even months, without a day off.

Another regret is that there weren’t 5 out of my 40 years when I used up vacation time.

Even worse, I bragged about both.

I knew all about Genesis 2:2 ,and God resting, and how we really don’t have an English word for what God did on that seventh day.

I knew all about Jesus napping in the back of the boat in Matthew 8:24, and how he did that even during a storm.

I even knew Stephan Covey’s Highly Effective Habit of sharpening the saw.

But none of that mattered.

I wonder now what I was trying to prove, and to whom.

Thanks for listening.

And now you do better than I did at taking care of yourself.





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