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BONUS BLOG: Two Eclipse FAQs Your News Feed Might Have Left Out

August 21, 2017

It’s difficult to imagine that you don’t already know about this being Total Eclipse of The Sun Day in America.

That is not a political statement.

Details abound from every news media outlet and on every social media platform about today’s eclipse.

Important Warning: If you haven’t read the safety warnings, start here:

With all of that said, there are two questions frequently asked, silently or out loud, that your news feed might have left out —


Not very.

A total solar eclipse occurs somewhere on the face of Earth every 18 months,” writes Jeffrey Kluger. “But it usually plays out over water—which covers 70% of the planet’s surface—or over unpopulated land.” []





I’ve read several sources over the past weeks saying today’s eclipse is a sure sign of The End Times.

Someone who knows more about that anybody else says, About that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor God the Son, but only God the Father. Jesus said that in Matthew 24:36.

And yet the aforementioned Kluger opens his piece this way: “Despite all the hype, the moon has nothing special planned for Aug. 21. It will continue doing what it’s done for more than 4 billion years—insensibly circling Earth, a dead rock at the end of a long gravitational tether. The sun has nothing special planned either. It will sit where it must sit and burn as it must burn to sustain the flock of planets and moons and asteroids and comets that have orbited it for so long. That’s how things go in the clockwork cosmos, and yet once in a while, there’s poetry in the machinery.”

After much examination of today’s eclipse and our anticipation of it, Kluger concludes his article with these words: “Might you also find order and even divinity in it? Yes.”

Putting together what Jeffrey Kluger and Christ Jesus say, I’m left with two things.

1st, I’m amazed. Speaking as a former junior high student who had the opportunity to take a Saturday morning class at what was then called The St. Louis Planetarium, I greatly appreciate the amazing “poetry in the machinery” of today’s eclipse. That’s good stuff.

2nd, I’m amazed again. Speaking as a Christian, I greatly appreciate the no one knows clarity…not even Christ Jesus himself knows the schedule for The End Times. Only God the Creator knows about The End Times. We live in the In Between Time, between the last page of The New Testament and the first page of The Next Testament. We are called to be fully alive, making a difference here and now. Again, that’s good stuff.

And then there’s the obvious illustration/lesson from the fact that the source of light will be temporarily covered by darkness, but only temporarily. The light will shine again. I leave it to you draw your own conclusions and applications.

So: where will you be during the eclipse?

Stay safe, my friends, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow.







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