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New Cabin, New Name

August 6, 2017

Shelly Babbs wrote the following. She’s the assistant director of the church camp where my friend Cassidy Awalt worked this summer. This excerpt’s too good not to share with you, so with gratitude to all involved, here ya go —

With each cabin remodel comes a new name plate as well. Old Cabin Philip was our first (and currently only) cabin to be finished. Other than a few small touches, it was finished the day before high school camp. It went the rest of the summer without a name, until this week. We’ve decided to give the cabins different names.

New cabin, new name.

We had the idea to make the girls’ side cabins have the names of some women in the Bible. We wanted our girls to know that women played and still play a very important role in the mission here on Earth. We wanted them to know that they have been called just as the men have been to be disciples of Christ and we wanted them to become more familiar with the women role models in the Bible.

So, old Cabin Philip is now Cabin Deborah.

Deborah is a great example of courage and leadership and now all of these girls know she existed when before this only a few of them did. We wanted these girls to be apart of this new and exciting change, so we had them help hang the sign on the cabin and then we all prayed over it and for each and every girl that will be in this cabin in the future.

The excitement and joy that filled these girls while they helped put a woman’s name on the cabin was indescribable. What a beautiful night we had talking about what it means to be a woman of God and how we are all called by God to be his disciples.

We have 5 more cabins to name!

Good stuff, very good stuff!

And what woman from The Bible would you choose for their next new cabin’s new name?


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