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When the Rookie and the Veteran Got Together — 19 in a series glancing back

July 28, 2017

“It’s still Money Sunday.”

Once we quit laughing, the members of the church’s Finance Committee realized he was right. People had long ago gotten tired of flashy names for the fall pledge campaign.

And goofy gimmicks? They’d worn us out even more, our discussion revealed.

“What would happen if we’d just call it what it is?” asked the youngest member, looking at me. I pointed to the Chairperson.

She addressed the most recent speaker, “For example?”

“Well, like Joe loves to say, maybe we should take a field trip. You know, go outside and read our front sign. It says we’re United Methodist. And a Church. And that those words mean stuff.

“And so if we’re talking about stewardship, let’s say so.

“And that word’s about more than just our money. Isn’t stewardship about responsibility?”

Within moments, the group came up with a year long Stewardship Plan —

in the fall, financial tithing

in the winter, schedules and time

in the spring, caring for creation

in the summer, exercise and nutrition

— all of which was co-chaired by the two chronological bookends of that Finance Committee, “the wily old veteran and the talented young rookie,” to use a phrase from sports broadcaster Chris Collinsworth.

Good stuff.

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