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His Purpose and Ours

June 26, 2017

The Living Bible has its limitations.

(Not the least of which was being the target of a joke my first Old Testament Professor, Dr. Victor P. Hamilton, loved to use: “The Living Bible? Most peculiar; I never knew it died!”)

But it’s helpful now and then. Here’s an example:

My purpose is to give life

in all its fullness.

That’s what Jesus said in John 10.

Talk about a Purpose Statement! Talk about a Purpose Driven Life!

And if we’re Christ followers….


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  1. Sue Heth permalink

    I’ve had a King James forever, but it was the “Good News” –the little 10cent Bible that was in all of the grocery stores back in 1970, that really got me started reading. Bet your professor would have had something to say about it, too! lol


  2. Joe, we have been casual friends, fellow pastors, united as fathers for our children. However, we now are one a new journey as retired ministers, preachers, pastors, but we still have a calling to share God’s Word, minister to people’s needs, and help the lost find there way. We each had a child we celebrated a birthday w/this last week:your son and my daughter, Rebekah. They both were born on a Sunday back in June of 1985. They both had trauma during birth. I have always felt close to you since then. We rejoice, now, 32 years later because our lives are more complete because 2 babies grew up to be adults, and yet still our babies. I don’t know about your thoughts about that day, but I am convinced – when I have a bad day – I recall one day in 1985, when the despair almost overtook me, but I found peace then, as many times since – because God was and is my God and was and is with me, especially when I can do nothing but wait upon the outcome and the Lord. Smooth seas my friend…


  3. Are you speaking in general when you say “Purpose Driven Life” or in general purpose driven life. I carried a Living Bible around to Sunday school, church, and church camp in my teens after I asked for and received it for Christmas my Freshman Year in high school. However, I guess you could say, I outgrew it when I began attending Bible Studies. Just a few years ago, when it was all the rage, I studied the book, The Purpose Driven Life which relies almost solely on The Message and wasn’t feeling very welcome in the “group” after a few weeks as I raised scriptural conflict and the margins of the book are so full of my corrective notations, I can’t give it away. However, I would add a big Amen to your statements of the Living Bible verse above.


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