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Can You See Anything?

June 20, 2017

“An awkwardly off-kilter white shape in the center of a black field,”writes Anna Finel Honigman,”appears isolated and fragile.”

She’s writing a review of a painting.*

But you and I know people like that.

What David Ostrowski has done on canvas in a museum in Denmark embodies what, and who, we know personally.

Someone who seems, well, “awkwardly off-kilter” but then can surprise us.

Even when they appear “isolated and fragile.”

Probably, like some other works of art, those people — specifically, those actual persons we’re picturing — just need a second look.

“Can you see anything?” Jesus asked.

The man looked up and said, “I can see the people, but they look like trees walking around.” 

Once again Jesus placed His hands on the man’s eyes, and when he opened them his sight was restored, and he could see everything clearly. (Mark 8:23ff.)

Or, more likely, you and I need that second touch so we can see everything clearly.


*ArtNews, September 2015, p.95


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One Comment
  1. The lyrics from a Bette Midler song that came out on an album shortly after the movie “Beaches” (don’t you love how I mark time?). The song is “From a Distance” and talks of things looking clean and bright — “from a distance”. I feel of late like that “off-kilter white shape in the center of a black field” in that “isolated and fragile” way. I keep moving forward, I think.


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