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Glad You Asked — 10

June 14, 2017

Several have asked what I read for inspiration and formation.

Hearing those as serious questions, I’m happy to let you in on some of what’s been shaping me recently.

Jane Marie Thibault writes on page 31 of the devotional book Disciplines 2016


“Sometimes a cluttered lifestyle suffocates spiritual vitality:

too much to do at work and at home;

too much entertainment (sports, music, media, games, hobbies, exercise);

too much collecting of unnecessary information;

too much interest in what others are doing.”


— Ouch. Anybody else?


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  1. Ouch!

    (In order) A therapist that did home visits told me once that she could tell what kind of weekend I had had by the surroundings of my chair. She said that clutter is an indication of a mind in chaos. Chaotic minds indicate depression. There is a lot of clutter lately.

    I need to write five reports for the local league from the State League Convention they sent me to the beginning of the month. Can’t seem to start, but I keep rearranging the materiel and my notes.

    It isn’t the entertainment, but that’s an idea (you had to give me another).

    See the above regarding rearranging the materiel!

    Since the other person they sent with me went to different trainings, there would be little use wondering what or looking in on what she is doing.


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