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BONUS BLOG: When Your Prayer’s Not Answered the Way You Wanted

June 7, 2017

Stacy Hickerson Hord is an online friend who wrote this yesterday, and it’s with her gracious permission that I can share it with you —

I prayed for a palace – I got a stable. Then when I opened the doors, I saw the reason why.

The palace was only beautiful on the outside. The inside was empty, dirty, corrupt.

But the stable… while It was unsightly on the outside, it was beautiful on the inside, full of life, riches and a savior.

True joy was found in the stable.

If you feel like the answer you recently received from God isn’t the palace you prayed for, take a deeper look. He isn’t in the shiny, magnificent things, he is in the humble things, the things that are unappealing to the world.

If you’re looking for God, look in the stable.

And some of us need to take a second look.

I sure have. 

Sometimes I’ve had to take a third and more careful look in the stable.

Some of the glory you can’t even see until you’re standing right inside the stable. Don’t miss it today.


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  1. The stable is much more comforting.


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