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Wrong Love?

June 1, 2017

Her marriage had been annulled. He’d never been married.

They’re in Toronto, around 1900.

They talked about getting married, but his faith — and his church — prohibited it.

Ok, granted this is only part of a sub-plot of a tv series, (Murdoch Mysteries), but there’s a line in Season 6, Episode 2, that caught my attention.

And, as people might have said around 1900, it has stayed with me “like a burr under my saddle.”

In the episode, he pondered the situation. He prayed. And prayed some more.

Then he went and found her.

And he said,

“No matter what the church says,

I refuse to believe that love, any love,

could be wrong.”


What say ye?


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  1. Kendra permalink

    No- loving is not wrong – but each person must weigh whether or not loving and being with each other will do more harm than good . Love should strive to be selfless, humble, and all qualities in 1 Corinthians 13. Measure your love for someone with that standard. .. but of course we are only human… thank God He is there to forgive!


  2. Bill Elving permalink

    WOW, that’s like saying any love could be right, is that dangerous? ……….Love it…………….bill E


  3. This made me think of my ex-brother-in-law. He fell in love with a devout Catholic. She held the highest whatever a woman can hold in that church. He loved her enough to go through the massive contortions to have his (unrecognized by the church anyway) marriage to my sister annulled. My sister (yes, vindictive) turned his boys against him saying he had made them bastards by having that marriage annulled. She divorced him a few years later, or should I say, she had it annulled. Based on that, I agree with him.


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