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Magdalene: Let Go

May 25, 2017

[PLEASE NOTE: this is the third in a series, so if you haven’t read the first two simply scroll down and you can easily catch up]

When the woman caught in adultery shows up the next day, the teacher who has saved her life becomes “a book too difficult to read”:

So, I thought I had to become more than I was, more than

I’d been.

but that wasn’t it. It seemed rather that

something had to go. Something had to be let go of.


 — Patty and I have great memories of the music of pianist Keiko Matsui. She has said that one of her primary gifts as a musician and a composer is knowing what to leave out.
You and I face those same challenges all the time. So, what is there that you might “leave out” as Keiko says and that has “to be let go of” as the Mary in these poems says?

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One Comment
  1. Letting go of what I let go of instead of showing up with it again and again. Is this not trusting that he took it away or just not able to let go of the guilt?


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