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Confessions of a Coffee-Holic

May 15, 2017

Among several other habits, I’ve been known to be hooked on coffee.

As in, a lotta coffee.

A lotta strong coffee.

A lotta really strong coffee. So strong that a spoon can stand up in it. So strong you can put it in your pocket and chew on it later. So strong that…you get the idea.

Graduated from polite little coffee cups to the roomier coffee mugs to slightly larger gas station travel mugs with lids to 24 ounce ones and then 34 ounces and those 64 ounce soda jugs over there were looking better all the time and hey did you that Yeti makes a handy One Gallon Rambler Jug? I do.

Hard core coffee head, loving the caffeine hit and yeah wow now look out energy to spare!

Then came a time I actually heeded the advice of a medical professional. Shifted over to decaf. Big change. That was fine for a while, but then I woke up.

Time goes by as it always does, and now I’m addicted, if only moderately so, to — this is really what the label says — Naturally and Artificially Flavored French Vanilla Cappuccino Beverage Mix. But wait, there’s more: the sub-title of the drink says it’s Made with Coffee as if to reassure, or to clear up any confusion.

But it’s delicious!

And I can have as much as time allows (read that any way you want) without a caffeine buzz and its inevitable crash.

However: I’ve found there are two problems with the Naturally and Artificially Flavored French Vanilla Cappuccino Beverage Mix Made with Coffee.

See you back here tomorrow for the first one.



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  1. Janet permalink

    Really I never knew you were addicted to coffee (no) way to leave us hanging see you here tomorrow.


    • I do hide it well, you’re right! Hahahaha!! Thanks for reading and commenting, greatly appreciate you, Janet!


  2. I have relatives with similar coffee demons (among others) and I really do feel your pain and empathize completely!!

    I drink three-fourths, at least, of a whole bean ground fresh pot Monday through Friday. I am lucky to get a third- or a fourth-pot on Saturday and Sunday. When someone has gifted me money on my Starbucks card, I will grab iced lattes in summer and hot ones in winter and an extra shot or two always. However, as the doctor discovered with my narcotic prescriptions for the Fibromyalgia and Arthritis, I do not have the addictive personality that is in the family DNA; I can ride the pain and ice it and forget to take the pain meds. Or I forget whether I have taken them or not, so I assume I have and endure until the next time to take it. I just love coffee and International Delight Coldstone Sweet Creamer or Latte mixes. When my nutritionist and I met the first time, I told her there were two foods I was not willing to adjust. Those are my six a.m. Quaker Cinnamon Life Cereal with extra cinnamon creation and my coffees. Losing 100 pounds over 11 years would have been impossible if I had just given up everything I liked. The previous “demands” are my indulgences, everything else is moderation. Not far to my goal weight and I have hit another plateau, a year of no loss and no gain, guess that is why they call it a plateau. I don’t complain about it as I have already gone one size below my goal size! I am going up to the country to stay with my dad’s favorite cousin again. I will be taking instant coffee, all I drank for a few years long ago, but now I can take it or leave it. Sooo, I will have, maybe, two cups a day. No Starbucks up there, so it is easy to do without. I’ll miss it, but I won’t crave or go mad. I am thankful.


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