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Lean In…and Listen: Grief

May 5, 2017

Sheryl Sandberg’s husband died at 47.

You might recognize her name: she’s the COO of Facebook and the author of several books, including her latest one about her husband’s death and its aftermath.

She’s also the face on the cover of the April 24, 2017 issue of Time magazine. The headline accompanying her picture reads, “Let’s Talk About Grief.”

Belinda Luscombe writes in her piece on Sandberg —

“Dying is not a technical glitch of the human operating system; it’s a feature. It’s the only prediction we can make at birth that we can bank on.

“Everyone will die, and it’s very likely somebody we love will die before we do.

“And yet the bereaved are often treated like those to whom something unnatural or disgraceful has happened. People avoid them, don’t invite them out, fall silent when they enter the room.

“The grieving are often isolated when they most need community.

— Mercy.

I hope to get back to this tomorrow.

For now, ask yourself if those words ring true or not.

And if you’re grieving and part of a church, I hope and pray it’s one where you can experience a helping community that welcomes you.

And if you’re part of a church but not in a season of grief right now, what might you do to reach out to someone who’s “isolated when they most need community” today?


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