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What He Admits is Something We’ve All Done..Youth Workers, Pastors, Etc

March 18, 2017

Drew Cope writes with honesty, and graciously gave me permission to share this with you.

Warning: What he admits is something we’ve all done. Maybe not to this degree (but only because we didn’t think of it), but we’ve all done something like this —

8 years ago… I did an experiment in our youth ministry… We began pushing the Seven Checkpoints series from Andy Stanley, and we invested about a year fully integrating at least 1 of his 7 points into every message I spoke to the middle schoolers… When we introduced the seven checkpoints, we did one per week, and did big, over the top, illustrations to help anchor them in students minds…. For the first checkpoint, I dressed as Indiana Jones, and rappelled down into our youth meeting through the drop ceiling… It got attention… and it grew attendance the next week… but 6 years later, 8 years later… I ask our kids if they remember that message… they ALL say YES… then I ask them what the message was about… only 1 in 5 can tells us the point… and only another 2 of the 5 remember that it was part of series about things that are important in our relationship with God. Here is the video of the sermon… Pastor Mike recapped the introductoin week, then We show’d a movie clip… then I made my memorable entrance about 3m 50 seconds in… which kids totally forgot the point of… 5 years later…

We did lots of LOVING on them ministry too… but I always wanted to try a big stunt, and then see if they remembered the point… and as I suspected… they remember the stunt… fondly at that.. but don’t remember why we did it…

(Safety thoughts : we were anchored to steel beams over the ceiling, and we tested a static load 3 times my body weight, and then bounced that load several times, in the week prior to doing this in front of an audience… which is how we figured out that my downline would have to be tied out to the front of the stage so that I could stop from spinning.) There are 3 more segments on youtube if you want to see the rest of the message…. We broke into small group discussions for 3 minutes to give me time to get unharnessed.)



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  1. drewdelawhere permalink

    True Story… This was the early half of Summer, 2009… I still occasionally bump into former you group kids and when we start reminiscing about old times, fun things we did, etc…. this is a question I always bring up… blessings!


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