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Do It Differently

March 9, 2017

Real life friend Dan Waits has graciously given me permission to share this with you. He recently wrote —

Someone asked me recently what I would do differently if I could live my life over.

I told them among the many things I would differently, 1 of the most prominent differences would be to spend more time 1 on 1 with people, developing a deeper connection with them.

And I’d curb & curtail going to countless stupid meetings with stupid people talking about inconsequential & stupid things that no one remembers & didn’t impact our lives or the Kingdom, then or now.

Good question. To which Dan Waits gives two good answers: “more time 1 on 1 with people” and “curb & curtail going to countless stupid meetings.”

What would be your answers to what you’d do differently if you could live your life over?

And please note: since you’re reading this, your life is NOT over and you DO have time to do things differently. What are two or three things you can change today, right now?


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