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I ❤️NY

March 6, 2017

I ❤️NY

You’ve seen it on bumper stickers, t-shirts and coffee mugs.

It says simply, “I ❤️NY.”

Milton Glaser is the graphic designer and advertising genius who created it. Speaking of its strength and longevity he says, “Part of the appeal is the transformation of a noun into a verb. It causes you to think for a minute.

“There’s also is physical characteristic of rigid bars against a voluptuous heart — the mind and the body.

“But more importantly, the logo expressed what people were feeling at that moment: that the city was in danger, and we wanted to state our love for it.”

Let’s review and begin to apply as needed:

  1. transformation — can you imagine much that’s more central to our Christian faith than transformation?
  2. think — let’s use the good sense God gave us.
  3. the mind and body — Christianity is healthiest when both the mind and the body are involved.
  4. the city was in danger, and we wanted to state our love for it — I got to hear Rev. Tim Pate preach at a Lenten service in Greenville, IL last evening. He’s the drummer in The Rivers of Life Clergy Band, and we played at that service. Tim preached on what Jesus says about salt and light, and challenged everyone there to live up to being the salt and light Christ tells us we are. He noted that Christianity in general and local churches in particular have been losing ground for the last forty years. Both are clearly in danger…don’t we want, at the very least, to state our love for Christ and his church?

I ❤️ so much more than just New York, don’t you?



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