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Innovative Lesson 1 — You Can’t Patent Innovation

March 2, 2017

And now, the number one of ten “Lessons of Innovation for 2017” from Fast Company  (highlights, mine) (scroll down to see other such Lessons)-


Amazon and its chief, Jeff Bezos, have been defying expectations for more than two decades. The question is: How? Executive editor Noah Robischon sat down with Bezos, and what he learned points not to data metrics and rigorous processes—which Amazon deeply relies on—but rather to a willingness to embrace uncertainty, experimentation, and messy inconsistencies. Not everything in the Amazon world is orchestrated for perfection. Bezos doesn’t just tolerate this; he enjoys it. What he understands is that each critical new idea may arise in a different way, from a different source.

— How are you doing with being able to embrace uncertainty, experimentation, and messy inconsistencies today?

What are three ways you can apply these in your own life?

And if you’re involved in a church…wow…where might this lead you?

I’d love to hear from you, and will see you back here tomorrow.

Meanwhile, let’s try defying expectations today.


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