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Innovative Lesson 10 — Focus on What You Can Control

February 27, 2017

Fast Company has released its 2017 list of “The World’s 50 Most innovative Companies: The Businesses That Matter Most in 2017” and a fascinating sidebar piece on lessons learned from those companies.

Cleverly, even in good United Methodist fashion, the article on those lessons is titled, “Lessons of Innovation for 2017.” (Hey, what else would you call it?!) I’d like to point out three of them as being especially significant for you and me, in our professional as well as our personal lives.

And oh my goodness, why look, they just might speak to churches as well.

Okay, here’s number ten of the list of ten lessons, with highlights provided by yours truly if you’re only gonna skim —


If there’s a single thread that runs through this year’s list, it’s the importance of focus. Over the past year, the nation’s political dialogue offered many reasons for uncertainty and pause. And yet the one sure recipe for obscurity in today’s world is stasis. Culture will keep moving, and those enterprises that move with it—that attack their missions with fearlessness—will find themselves in the strongest position to weather whatever political or economic disruption comes our way.

— What are three ways you can move forward and be fearless in the implementation of your mission?

And if you’re involved in a church, might this mean fewer meetings and more ministry?

I’d love to hear from you about this. Hope to see you back here tomorrow for number eight from this list. (Yup, I jumped over number nine. We’re going on to number eight tomorrow.)

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Aka “…and the wisdom to know the difference”?


  2. I once advised an over-worked young pastor to focus his time and energy on what he did best and to simply manage the rest. I was told that I was “Jaded, burned out and lacked spiritual depth.” That was twenty years ago. I’m still in the ministry and he is…well, somewhere else. Good stuff my friend!


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