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What We Believe

January 19, 2017

Grant that what we sing with our lips

we may believe in our hearts

— A Prayer For True Singing,

The United Methodist Hymnal, current edition, p. 69

What are three things that you really do believe in (y)our heart?

What songs reinforce those beliefs?

And is this good or not?

Serious stuff.


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  1. Janet Hargis permalink

    1. I believe that Jesus loves me and I am safe in his arms. Song that helps me with this is”It is Well with my Soul”. 2. There is nothing better than helping someone find their way to Jesus. The song that helps me with this is, ” I wish you Jesus”. 3. Jesus loves us just as we are. We can come to him no matter who we are or what we’ve done. Song that helps me with this is, “Come as You are”.


  2. Thank you for these, Janet!


  3. The backstory of Hymn of Promise, about Natalie Sleeth, reminds me that there is hope in every situation, no matter how desperate. O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing – my great redeemer’s praise – perhaps Wesley’s greatest praise hymn, one that has been important to me since I was a teenager. Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) gives me a vision, even if my brain, in reality has a hard time with the forgiveness part, someday they will fall away.


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