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Grandmas and Grandsons, part 2

January 3, 2017

It’s an honor to preside at someone’s funeral, and one I’ve never taken lightly as a pastor.

And when grandsons stand up front and talk about their grandmas at funerals, I’m usually a goner. Probably because of my own two grandmas.

Especially the one who lived not far from us.

She always listened to me. I could tell her anything. ANYthing. Stuff I’d never want my parents to have known.

And she never got mad about that stuff. Never yelled at me. Never.

A couple of times she reached over and held my hand.

And we just sat there.

With each other.

Holding hands.

And I knew. I knew.

Grandmas and grandsons.  Good stuff.




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  1. Debbie permalink

    Grandmas and granddaughters works too. I was pleased and surprised at the memories and emotion my daughters and nieces shared at the passing of my mother, their grandma.


  2. Oh, yes!!! I get it. My grandma. so much love.


  3. What Debbie said!


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