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My Final Tithe

November 16, 2016

Another gem from Ted Frost (if you don’t recognize why this is “Another,” scroll down to my blog from yesterday) —

Ted asked,

When is the 

one time we can

give 10% to the church

and it won’t impact our lives at all?

Ted answered that by telling us about remembering our churches in our wills.

Need to call your attorney?

Need to include your church in your will?

Today’s a great day to do that.

And like when I invite people to practice regular tithing, I remind them that Patty and I do this, too…and I say this not to brag but so you’ll know I’m not trying to get you to do something we don’t already do in our own home. We have; we do.

I hope and pray that today at least one person rethinks their estate planning. Maybe that person in you.


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