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Gene’s Two Word Sermon

November 6, 2016

The Rev. Dr. Eugene Seaman was a mentor to me when I was an even younger pastor than I am now. Gene and his wife Eunice helped me in innumerable ways along my journey in ministry. It was my profound honor to preside and preach at his funeral, and it was my joy to officiate several years later when Eunice married Francis.

Gene was famous for a two word financial stewardship sermon.

He would get into the pulpit. He would fiddle with his Bible. He would lower his head and shuffle several pages of a sermon manuscript. He would look up at the souls entrusted to his care.


And then it came.

His two word sermon: “Christians. Tithe.”


“The ushers will now gather up the Pledge Forms.”



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  1. Erin Roe Witherspoon permalink

    Love it. Heard it.


  2. I, growing up, squirmed and cringed through the pledge sermons (at least they got shorter over the years), I was a kid and not sure why they made me uncomfortable. I had watched dad with the form at the desk in the hall. Dad had toiled over it, even bowing his head over it. He always had it or sent it (if he was on days) on the Sunday of that sermon.


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