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Why Young Adults? part 3 of 3

October 21, 2016

Not long ago I was invited to be a guest blogger at Confessions of A Young Methodist. Once I got over my initial shock and was able to respond with great gratitude, I went to work.

Sara and Kyle gave me the question, “Why young adults?” Here’s my measured response, which I’ve edited into three parts for you —

And again, Why Young Adults?

Because you’re you.

I remember being a young adult in the church and being ignored. We’d been tacitly instructed by those older than us to simply suit up, show up, and shut up.

But there were outliers. There were older people who not only glanced over at us but brought their trays and asked if they could sit at our table. Then they invited us to sit at theirs. Soon it became a new table with extra chairs squeezed up to it. Then we had to pull two tables together to fit everybody in.

I also remember the first time I realized I wasn’t one of The Young Ones anymore. Let me warn you how quickly that happens. It’s even worse than “How come my kid’s already in Kindergarten? Wasn’t she born like a week ago?” It happens. It happens fast.

There are plenty of us out here in every age and stage of life who are honored to be in ministry with you and working alongside you. Together by the grace of God we are working to make “disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”

The church for which I was educated and trained doesn’t really exist anymore. Neither does the world we were called to transform.

Rather than stumbling and lurching fearfully into the future, let’s do as Mr. Wesley prescribed when he famously said, “If your heart is as my heart, give me your hand.” He’d read that in the big leather book (2nd Kings 10:15).

So, please, young adults, give us your hands, and together let’s find fresh ways to work together for Christ.

Because you’re you.

Because it’s God’s idea.

And because my mom shows me that we all need one another. 

Why Young Adults? Why not?!


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