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Why Young Adults? Part 1 of 3

October 19, 2016

Not long ago I was invited to be a guest blogger at Confessions of A Young Methodist ( Once I got over my initial shock and was able to respond with great gratitude, I went to work.

Sara and Kyle gave me the question, “Why young adults?” Here’s my measured response, which I’ve edited into three parts for you —


The question was Why young adults?

My immediate response was Why not?!

I greatly appreciate Sarah and Kyle inviting me here as one of their “people from outside the ‘United Methodist young adult’ demographic.” Full disclosure: I’m a United Methodist Christian. I’m an adult, or at least I can reasonably pretend to be when necessary. But I’m only young when compared to my mom.

She’s 104.

On a good day when the Alzheimer’s is gentle, there are traces of the art teacher she was. When in her 50s and 60s and bored with her chronological peers in the Teachers’ Lounge, she loved hanging out with the Student Teachers. They were at least half her age. They began inviting her to join them when they went out, and of course she did.

As a kid I enjoyed her stories about those times. She’d tell about the energy and insights her young adult friends had. There’d be examples of their serious fun and fun seriousness.

When her Student Teacher friends would come to our home, either individually or in groups, they’d all talk and listen to one another. Really listen. And laugh together. And sometimes even cry together. They told her things they’d never tell their parents.

Now that I’m suddenly in the age bracket where she used to be, I see that today we need all of that and more in our schools, our lives, and for sure in our churches. We need that healthy intergenerational connection.

Christ’s Holy Church is kinda like one of those 1,000 piece picture puzzles. Every part is significant. It takes all of us sharing the forward call of our Lord to see the full picture.

So Why young adults? Because my mom has shown me that regardless of age differences we all need one another. And she’s right.

— See you back here tomorrow for the second part of my answer. 


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