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The Source of The Question Linda Answered

October 7, 2016

Several have asked me about the church newsletter column Linda-the- organist-whom-I-kid-about-being-a-Lutheran-missionary-to-the-Methodists referenced this past Sunday in our church hallway. (If you’re confused, scroll down to “Linda’s Answer” that I wrote here on October 5th.)

Thanks for asking! Here’s an excerpt with the salient features—

Part Two in a Series on Matthew 28:218-20

At the end of Matthew’s version of the Gospel, Christ Jesus gives us clear directions: “Make everyone you meet my disciples.”


Everyone you meet, Jesus said.

Here and there and everywhere. It starts here.

With us. You and me. And her and him. And them.

With Pastor Jessica and me. With our Sunday School teachers and our small group leaders. With our local church leaders and our ministry teams and our Quilters and our Recycle Team and our acolytes and…and…and you get the idea.

It starts here. With us.

As the early Methodists asked one another, “How is it with your soul?”

Some quick ways to do a self-inventory:

1. Are you taking advantage of the opportunities your church offers you to grow in God’s grace?

2. What small group is yours?

3. Who supports you in your faith here?

4. Who encourages you?

5. Who challenges you?

— And so? How is it with your soul today? 


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