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All We Can Do For Grandma

September 26, 2016

It had been a rough visit.

Our son had come from two states away to see my mom in her nursing home, and it had not gone well. She wasn’t sure who we were and wasn’t interested in finding out. We were dismissed with language I’d never heard her use when she was younger, and clearer, and I’ll just say it: when she was herself.

Walking to the car, I apologized to him for her and began trying to explain the disease that’s stealing her memories and her mind.

He interrupted me with a line I’ve clung to ever since.

“Dad, all we can do for Grandma Ruth is love her and pray for her.”

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  1. Naomi Roberts permalink

    Praying for all of you.


  2. Dorothy Browning permalink

    Joe, I know, as a pastor, you have seen this happening in so many other families but it’s so painful when it’s your family and you feel helpless to do anything to ease the situation. Your son nailed it! Praying for you, Grandma Ruth, and your family.


  3. Trent's Mom permalink

    Your son gets it. He is loving and caring. You have set an example and he lives what he has seen and learned. Prayers for your Mom and all of you.


  4. Yes. It is. And it is so very, very hard.
    Praying for her, you and your family.


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