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Tire Pressure Problem, part three

September 10, 2016

***NOTE: if you haven’t already read the past two day’s blogs here about a Tire Pressure Problem, please scroll down and do so now.***

Don’t you wish we had something like a dashboard light and a the sound of a Ding for our hearts, our minds, and our lives? Janet, a friend whom I used to pastor and who now has pastoral experience herself, started me thinking about this.

Wouldn’t it good if we had something that alerts us when we’re running low on what we need?

Our family and friends can often tell that long before we can. Some of us get edgier, some get sluggish, some shut down in various ways.

Today’s a good day for a Systems Check that has nothing to do with our cars, vans, trucks or bikes.

As the early Methodists asked one another, “How is it with your soul?”



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  1. In need of attention, thank you.


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