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Go Around the Table

August 23, 2016

I thought we were finished with our intergenerational small group time.

Then a six year old spoke up to correct me: “We haven’t gone around the table, Joe.”

Confused and replaying her line in my head, I was glad when her mom interrupted the awkward silence to explain. She said, “We have to do this every night at dinner now. You started it. Right here, a long time ago.”

Still confused and now replaying what both of them had said, I was really happy to hear her mom continue, “You know, we go around the table and everybody tells what they’re thankful for.”

My six year old friend then announced, “I’ll go first.”

And lemme tell ya: we had church then. We shared celebrations. We were thankful.

Yup, we went around the table.

Several times.

And it’s become another of my favorite memories of ministry and life in the real church.

With whom and when have you gone around the table lately?




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  2. Wonderful!! I love it. It’s a short trip around a table of one.


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