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BONUS BLOG: Lessons from the New “Rogue One” Trailer

August 12, 2016

Last evening during the broadcast of the Olympics, LucasFilm gave us a Rogue One trailer. Part of the Star Wars franchise, it was packed with at least 13 evangelistic lines, preaching points, sermon illustrations, and even a glimpse of a some church’s administrative meetings.

Let’s start with that last one first —

“There is a 97.6% chance of failure.”

[awkard silence]

“He means well.”


Let’s be honest: you and I have sat in meetings with this guy. Sometimes he’s a she. But we both just pictured a person who is predictably positively negative.

C. S. Lewis named him Puddleglum in his Chronicles of Narnia.

Warning: if we can’t identify that person as we look around the group, perhaps we ourselves are that person.

Memo: Encourage one another, as 1st Thessalonians 5:11 says.

There is a 97.6% our encouragement will be helpful.



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  1. I would rate encouragement having a higher percentage chance of being helpful!


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