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August 5, 2016

True story, and it’s with the gracious permission of Emily and Lucas at the door after last Sunday’s worship that I tell this —

They were phenomenally jet-lagged, bedraggled, and generally wrecked after a great trip but lots and lots of time in the air, when their 3 year old gave them THAT look and asked, “Could we possibly go to church tomorrow?”

And so they did.



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  1. GOTTA LOVE it!!!! I am told, that as a toddler, I may not have been able to tell you the days of the week, but I KNEW when it was Sunday and even before speaking, I would let it be known where I wanted to be. Hey, I still have friends from that nursery and primary classes and beyond! With the rare exceptions of Sundays working midnights, dad took me to Sunday school on his way to Sunday school. As I got older, my brothers and I walked to church (it was only four blocks). So, the future is bright for a three-year-old who can drag bedraggled parents to church!


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