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5th of 5 Secrets of Stress Resistance

July 20, 2016

5. An Effort to Create Financial Margin

As I’ve said every time now, I believe this five “secrets of stress-resistant pastors” can help any follower of Christ Jesus. These are from a book written by David and Lisa Frisbie, Managing Stress in Ministry.

And let’s remember that as we love to say in the United Methodist Church, “every Christian has a ministry.”

The authors go into great detail about what in another context has been called Financial Peace, and thank you Dave Ramsey for that phrase. It was my delight to spend a week with him and his staff a couple of years ago in a Financial Coach Training Seminar, and I loved every minute of it. More about that some other time, or just ask me next time we see each other.

As they write, Lisa and David intersect with many financial gurus with a simple line from Gerard Reed, who said, “There are only two ways to become wealthy: have more or want less.”

“Well, yeah, duh,” shouts that uncommon thing called Common Sense.

And over there in the corner, looking up from what he’s writing, that old guy nods and says, “I have learned how to be content with whatever I have.” (Philippians 4:11) Yup, that’s St. Paul.

But Lisa and David go in a different direction when they write of a successful bi-vocational pastors. “Having financial margin gave them the freedom to minister without currying favor, attempting to please people, or bending the truth of the gospel to fit ears that resisted hearing it.”

They conclude, “Financial margin, like other types of margin in your life, does not create itself.”


— Quick review: Have more or want less…which is it for you?

And what are you doing about that?


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  1. In my financial world, it has to be want less! I just wish the less didn’t include food that isn’t peanut butter and crackers and applesauce, less gasoline to get through the month, no rent money…


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