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This Weekend in Worship

July 17, 2016

Be still, and know that I am God.

— Psalm 46:10

Be still.

Where this weekend will you take time to do that?

In worship?

Or are we so afraid of silence and lack of constant entertainment that we’ve programmed that out of what we call used to call A Service of Divine Worship?

Wherever you go to church this weekend, may you find time to do what this Psalm says…to stop the chatter, both externally and internally…to simply quiet your heart and mind and life…and remember that God is God and we are not.


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  1. It will be in the worship service from last Sunday on DVD with my feline companion, the one, of late, who brings calm through her presence. In fact, weekend after next, I will be gone for five days for the family reunion I just learned of this year in discovering my Grandmother Traband’s people (long story as to why I was kept from them), she is going with me. She stresses when I go to the store or The Muny; I can’t leave her for five days. I wonder if I can have her classified as a feline companion animal like the dogs for PTSD patients. She instinctively knows when I need her.


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