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2nd of 5 Secrets of Stress Resistance

July 15, 2016

2. A Core Passion for Intimacy with God 

That’s the second of five “secrets of stress resistant pastors” that I believe will benefit any follower of Christ Jesus. This list is from Managing Stress in Ministry by David & Lisa Frisbie.

“We substitute the practice for the presence,” they write. “We become productive and busy — serving and acting, coming and going, achieving and doing — while missing the mark.

“While we claim to be busy doing what matters, we are actually ignoring what matters most.”

I know I can wear myself out doing all the right things for all the wrong reasons. You, too?

By contrast, Christ Jesus invites us to get in step with himself and discover that our burden should be light. (Matthew 11:30)

“Come away with me and rest awhile,” Christ calls to us in Mark 6:31.

How will you respond to such invitations today?

What will you have to stop doing in order to do this?

Remember what Psalm 23 says? God “leads us to calm, pure, refreshing water.” Enjoy a big gulp today.



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One Comment
  1. My peaceful places in days will be restored on Monday; an answered prayer since December 15th. I believe, wholeheartedly, that much of my stress and depressive episodes these past seven months can be owed to the inability to be able to retreat from the world on a regular basis and just Be in the Presence! Thanks be to God!

    Until the past months, I had no idea that this was a palpable stress resistor.


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