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Baoku’s Birthday

July 8, 2016

His name is Baoku Moses and he’s an online friend who’s a drummer from Nigeria, now living and working in Cincinnati. I look forward to taking Joseph with me to meet him next time I’m out there.

Meanwhile, here’s what he wrote yesterday —-

My birthday is coming on the 10th of July, instead of wishing me happy birthday, please look around you and perform an act of kindness. Say everything is going to be alright to a random person, give free hugs, pay a bill for someone waiting in line behind you, reach out to old friends, family, even someone you had a fall out with, think of something kind you can do for someone during the time you are wishing me happy birthday and do it!

— Wish I’d invited you to do that last time it was my birthday. You, too? By the grace of God, we’ll have another one roll around…. 

Meanwhile, let’s follow his suggestion.

And why not celebrate Baoku’s birthday like this all month long?



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  1. Janet permalink

    Good idea.


  2. Isn’t it though? And thank you for Commenting


  3. My cheeks burn as I think that should have been my request for my birthday tomorrow!


  4. Bill and Jan Prewitt permalink

    Wonderful suggestion and awesome of Backu Moses…..He will enjoy your visit with Joseph!


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