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“You Can Drink Out of The Trophy”

July 3, 2016

“You can drink out of the trophy,” the voice from the safety seat in the back of the car suddenly announced.

A couple of questions later, it was clear that the three-and-a-half year old was talking about church.

“You can drink out of the trophy” was about sharing in a Holy Sacrament.

About Holy Communion.

In many churches we celebrate this once a month, usually the first weekend. That’s this one.

In many other churches we celebrate it every time we gather for a Service of Divine Worship. You know it’ll happen this weekend.

“You can drink out of the trophy” has to be one of the best invitations to The Lord’s Table I’ve ever heard.

And its source is unimpeachable: I was told this story by the driver, the safety seat speaker’s grandfather, after worship last evening. Kids pick up on way more than we ever realize.

“You can drink out of the trophy” reminds us that Christ Jesus defeated sin and death. He won. The chalice is a trophy.

“You can drink out of the trophy” reminds us that you can, too.






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  1. Janet permalink

    Love this


  2. When my brother (my daughter’s favorite uncle) died, she was three-and-a-half-years-old. I spent over two hours wrestling with how to tell her before going to the sitter (where she had spent the night while I was a youth group chaperone at Six Flags the day before) to pick her up. I decided to take her to the park. It was a not-so-chilly April Sunday morning. I lay down a blanket and she proceeded to throw bread to the ducks. I had been taking her to church since she was an infant. I asked her if she knew what happened to people when they died. Her reply caught me off guard and floored me at the same time, “Yeah, mom, Jesus comes and gets the person and then we have to do something with the shell.” Could a child who hadn’t been in Sunday school and church all of her young life have been so matter of fact?

    Through the years, I have never been surprised about what the little ones absorb through experience. It pains me my granddaughter hasn’t gotten the base.


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