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Don’t Wait

June 28, 2016

Rod Serling, yup, that Rod Serling of The Twilight Zone fame, influenced more of us that he ever knew. Just came across this by his daughter Anne, and today, July 28, is the perfect day to share this with you (as always, the highlights are mine in case you’re in a hurry) —

“My father left behind countless friends that summer day in 1975 (July 28) when the sky was too bright and the sun, scalding. He could not have known the sheer devastation so many would feel when they heard the news of his passing. Something was extinguished in us all that June day. Something quite inimitable and irreplaceable vanished.

“In those difficult weeks before he went to Strong Memorial, my dad watched a movie titled “I Never Sang for My Father.” He watched it on the small television set on his office desk and when I walked by, looking for him, I saw that he was weeping.

“I know, now, a final line in that movie is ‘Death ends a life. But it does not end a relationship.’”

from the book AS I KNEW HIM: My Dad Rod Serling, by Anne Serling

— Powerful film.

Based on an equally powerfully stage play.

Critic Roger Ebert wrote this about the movie in 1970, 

At the beginning and again at the end of “I Never Sang for My Father,”

we see a grainy snapshot of an old man and a middle-aged man,

arms thrown about each other’s shoulders,

peering uncertainly into the camera

as if they’re not quite sure what drew them out into the sunshine

to pose this day.

And we hear Gene Hackman’s voice:

“Death ends a life. But it does not end a relationship.”

This film takes that simple fact and uses it

to make a poignant and ultimately tragic statement

about parents and children,

life and death,

and all the words that go unspoken.”

Great line: ‘Death ends a life. But it does not end a relationship.’

Much truth packed in there, and throughout the entire drama, actually.

Don’t wait. Tell someone today. 

Better yet, show them.

Find some way.

Let ’em know.

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  1. Bill and Jan Prewitt permalink

    Very wise indeed!


  2. Thank you for reading and commenting


  3. For some, the results of not being able to accomplish the task is so difficult to live with… after.


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