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It Happened at Bible School

June 22, 2016

Come with me to Vacation Bible School last evening.

Get in on a great lesson from Pastor Jessica about God and Noah and the animals and the ark and directions and working together and God’s love. Struggle with me during craft time as we work with what Casey calls Melty Beads, which are so tiny I wish I’d had tweezers. Enjoy snacks and everything else that is Bible School.

It’s simply a fabulous experience.

Always seems to me that the current year’s team is even better than last year, and that this year’s stuff is the best yet.

Now let’s step outside to the Recreation Area. Also known as the Playing Field. Or, as a young friend designated it when inviting me to join her, The Playground.

This is where it happened on our first night of what we’ll call #VBS2016.

I was standing on the line with everyone else while the Coaches gave us directions.

“Count off by Ones and Twos.”


Our Coaches helped us.

“Okay, so hold up one finger. Just like that. You’re a One.”

“And now you, you get to hold up two fingers. Here, like this. You’re a Two.”

And so it went down the line.



Then it happened.

Holding up an entire handful of fingers, with a voice that was at once insulted, indignant, and yet trembling, came the announcement, “No, I’m five.”

Ya know those times you want to burst out laughing but you can’t?

It happened at Bible School.

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  1. Well, this tells me you had the patience to hold back!!!


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