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What Madelyn Did

June 18, 2016

Madelyn Fasano is engaged to Matt Truesdale.

Matt was a youth I met in New York while traveling around doing youth ministry consultation stuff. He was an MC at an event I helped with (great story there; ask me sometime). 

I’ve never met Madelyn, but feel like I know her after reading what she wrote this week. It’s with her gracious permission that I share it with you here —

This evening we ventured out to the store. It was supposed to be a short trip. 😁 We got what we needed, and as we waited in line we were behind a young mom, a few months pregnant, and with a very sweet little boy in her cart, about Roman’s age.

She was absolutely beautiful, and looked completely exhausted.

While we walked around the store I could hear her little guy chit chatting away, and listen to her talk to him was so precious.

She had a few WIC checks with her, and a few dollars. She had her staple check items, milk, bread, cheese. Some other groceries, a small package of diapers, wipes, and a couple pacifiers.

The cashier handed the checks back and said the dates for the checks don’t start until next week.

I watched her count the money she did have and then glance down at the food on the belt looking for what to put back. A couple tears fell and soaked into her shirt.

She turned back to me and said “I’m so sorry.”

I started to cry.

I handed my card to the cashier and said that I’ll be happy to pay for her groceries. She burst into tears and pleaded that I didn’t.

I gave her a huge hug and said ” I’ve been in your shoes girl. No worries. I’ll be happy to put food in your fridge and that your little man has a clean bum.”

We both cried through the whole process of checking out. I also went back around and got her another box of diapers and wipes, she had gotten the tiny bag of pampers you see on the top shelves. That’s definitely not enough. And you can never have enough wipes.

I had gotten a couple hot wheels for Roman, while we were walking out he handed one of the packages to her son. It was so sweet!

We talked a little in the parking lot. She just ended an abusive relationship, and is trying to figure things out.

My heart sank. It was like I was standing in front of myself in some ways.

She didn’t have a phone because it was on her Ex’s plan. Shes staying at a relatives.

All I could do was give her my number. I pleaded that she please call me if she needs anything. Anything at all. She gave me a huge hug and said I did more for her than she could ever repay.

And we said our goodbyes.

Life has brought her to an interesting place, but I’m really glad our paths crossed.

I know she won’t call. I really hope she will.


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  1. Jeanne Brown permalink

    This is so reflective of what I gleaned from annual conference this year. How do you reach out to those who might be different than you or being prepared when they respond. Thank you for reaching out to others in such a special way. Sure she was blessed in so many ways.


  2. Beautiful!


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